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How Does a Childhood Obesity Diet Helps an Overweight Child?

Childhood obesity is a problem that increasingly affects more children. We must be the parents who help them and prevent this from happening. When a child is overweight, it is a family problem in which it is necessary the commitment of all its members with the diets that are indicated.

“To the extent that food is taken care of, not only overweight and childhood obesity will be avoided, but also serious consequences in adulthood”.

For all this, today we want you to know the most frequent causes of overweight in children as well as the foods that should not be taken if you do not want the problem to go further.

Causes of Childhood Obesity:

Obesity is not an exclusive problem for adults, as more and more children are overweight. This situation is due to multiple factors:

  • Fast foods: the preparation of fast meals rich in fats, due to its easy and rapid preparation.
  • Eating out: the most time away from home means eating fast and the first thing you find.
  • Eating distracted: more time in front of the television, video games or computer make children eat without paying attention to what they eat.
  • Lack of exercise: a life increasingly sedentary without the practice of sports or physical activity.

These factors influence not only the early appearance of obesity, but also complications such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, cardiovascular problems and respiratory insufficiency that impair the quality of life of the future adult.

Foods Not Allowed for Children with Childhood Obesity:

When it comes to correcting habits, it is necessary to emphasize the diet for overweight and for childhood obesity. For this, diets for obese children are elaborated that are based on a selection of foods not allowed and allowed foods. These foods must be adequate to ensure the good growth and development of the child, without adding extra calories. Among the foods not allowed, we can find:

  • Whole milk and whole yogurt.
  • Fat or mature cheese
  • Meat with fat.
  • Sweet cookies.
  • Pastry products.
  • Carbonated drinks.
  • Excess salt (fried snacks).

Foods Recommended for Children with Childhood Obesity:

On the other hand, to combat childhood obesity we must encourage the child to consume these foods in its proper measure:

  • Skimmed milk: 2 or 3 glasses daily.
  • Skimmed yogurt with sugar-free cereals, with fruits, a unit or as a replacement for milk.
  • Dietary cheese: a small piece or 4 tablespoons of skimmed cheese.
  • Lean meat: fish, skinless chicken, fat-free beef, one or two servings daily.
  • Eggs: 3 units per week.
  • Vegetables: all are valid with a minimum of three units per day.
  • Fruits: they are also valid all consuming 3 fruits.
  • Whole wheat bread: consume 2 slices at breakfast and 2 at the snack, avoiding white bread.
  • Whole grains: oats, rice and pasta can replace the potato.
  • Yeast beer: You can add 2 teaspoons distributed on the day.
  • Natural sweetener like stevia.
  • Soft drinks or carbonated dietary drinks without sugars.
  • Non-carbonated mineral water at least 6 glasses per day.
  • Homemade vegetable broth
  • Sunflower or olive oils: 4 teaspoons of tea per day.
  • Condiments: oregano, nutmeg, laurel.

Other Recommendations Against Childhood Obesity:

Whatever the child’s weight, a healthy diet and the usual practice of physical exercise will be important. The poor nutrition of children is usually the fault of their families, since they are not taught to eat well. To comply with the proper principles for your diet, we can follow these recommendations:

  • Prepare healthy versions of children’s favorite dishes, substituting less healthy products for others with more beneficial properties.
  • Encourage children to exercise. Simple activities like playing in the garden or in the park will help children to follow a much healthier lifestyle. On the contrary, the sedentary lifestyle due to the long hours that many children spend in front of the television is one of the main causes of childhood obesity.

In short, it is not very difficult to make children follow a healthy lifestyle, but due to the lack of responsibility of their age, it must be the parents who know how to guide them to maintain an adequate diet.

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