What is Hypercaloric diet? How to gain healthy weight With it?

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The hypercaloric diet is ideal to gain weight in a healthy way and avoid problems due to the indiscriminate consumption of harmful fats that, although they help to put on weight, also put our health at risk

If your problem is not overweight but thinness, you should change the way you eat. In that case, the best option is to undertake a hypercaloric diet. It is about starting to eat foods high in calories, to promote a continuous and controlled increase in your weight.

With this type of food plan you will achieve your ideal weight in a healthy way, as you will improve the quality and quantity of the food you eat. However, it does not mean that you are going to eat uncontrollably and exaggeratedly.

With this diet you should pay more attention to meals. Remember that there are very harmful products that, although they could help you fight thinness, also cause chronic diseases.

Thinness is a very common problem

Although it is hard to believe, thinness is a problem that occurs along with obesity. Whenever there is an individual with these characteristics it is essential to evaluate the causes that led him to reduce his weight. The origins can be found in:

  • Psychological problems
  • Continuous loss of appetite
  • Poor feeding
  • Intestinal problems that hinder the absorption of nutrients
  • Diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cancer or AIDS
  • Excessive physical activity
  • Stress

In these situations, it is best to visit a specialist, who can detect the causes of your thinness and, later, correct it with better nutrition. In this case, a hypercaloric diet.

Data you should keep in mind

With a diet rich in calories you will achieve that the few fat cells that are in the organism increase their size, thus gaining a few kilos. In order for the objective to be achieved, you should consider the following:

Food is a tool

The degree of appetite of the person will be the one that indicates when it is satiated or not. You do not have to generate this sensation through food. The individual must eat when he feels like it.

We clarify it because it is the fats that provide the most satiety, and if all the work is left to them, the secondary damages will be greater.

Proteins must be eaten controlled

Remember that eating too much can generate a liver and kidney overload. In contrast, carbohydrates should be our best allies.

Watch the proportions

The hypercaloric diet should contribute 20 or 50% of the caloric intake of your usual diet. In normal situations, a person should consume about 2000 calories. With this diet you must cover, at least, 3000 calories, according to your needs and characteristics.

Mistakes you should avoid when performing this diet

Often, people often use this type of food plan as an excuse to eat any type of food, without paying attention to their nutritional contributions. Bad habits are very frequent; here we tell you what they are:

Use vitamin supplements

When the thinness is constitutional, that is to say, that it is not caused by any disease, we cannot speak of malnutrition. Therefore, it is not advisable to consume vitamin supplements.

Eat fast foods

You may think that these types of products will help you gain weight faster. However, they are only a source of saturated fats, sugars, cholesterol and sodium.

In this sense, you will not improve your health but they may provoke you:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Metabolic syndrome

Exercise immediately after eating

It is preferable to rest after meals. In this way, digestion will be done correctly and you will avoid gastrointestinal disorders or gas accumulation.

Do not control stress

When the body is on alert there is a greater caloric expenditure. In a hypercaloric diet you should be relaxed. That way you will not burn energy and gain weight.

6 keys to gain weight with a high-calorie diet

With this food plan the idea is to gain weight, but consuming healthy calories in combination with exercise. You must accompany your diet with:


It is important that they are present at all meals. Choose complex carbohydrates, as they are the healthiest.

They may be:          

  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Whole grains
  • Bread
  • Potatoes


They favor the generation of new muscle tissues. In addition, they will help you gain weight and volume. Avoid red meats and add more fish and legumes.

You can also include nuts, because they will make you feel full.


They give you energy. Choose healthy fats like olive oil.


They are a rich source of calories, fats and proteins. The cheeses hard are the best choice, as they have more calories and fat twice.

5.Eat 6 times a day

Do not skip any of the main meals. Each dish is vital to gain weight. Plan three main meals and three snacks or snacks.

You can opt for nuts, fruits, or bread dipped with a little olive oil. These are healthy options with high caloric value.

6.Do not leave the recent

This should be part of the snacks. You must make dinner before eight o’clock at night. Three hours later make the recipe, which can be a yogurt with cookies or bread.

As you can see, it’s all about knowing how to choose foods. If you have any doubt, seek the advice of a professional.

Gaining weight is a slow and difficult process, but with a hypercaloric diet you can achieve the goal. Accompany it with exercises to gain muscle mass, shape and tone your body.


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