What are the 9 Quick Dinners that Helps to Lose Weight?


For the metabolism to remain active it is important to dine. That’s why dinner is essential, always with healthy choices that help us achieve our goal. What to eat when you follow a diet to lose weight? In this article we show you examples of fast and light dinners that you can easily prepare and that are perfect for your weight loss diet.

The Importance of Dining When Dieting

Dieting does not mean skipping meals or limiting ourselves to dishes based only on vegetables and proteins. In fact, this is a very common mistake in those people who follow diets to lose weight quickly, such as the so-called “miracle diets “. Indeed, to follow a healthy diet that allows us to lose weight progressively and with stable results, it is advisable to follow a balanced diet, containing all the necessary nutrients. In addition, we must increase the frequency of meals. The ideal is five a day, but less copious. On the other hand, do not forget that by taking a balanced diet you are taking direct care of your health. In addition, to lose weight effectively and lead a healthy life, you must perform physical exercise on a regular basis, always maintain a balanced diet, and say goodbye to bad habits.

Therefore, we should not avoid having dinner. It is an important meal that prepares us to face the long fast of sleep. Therefore, we will allow our body to rest better and consume energy adequately while maintaining vital physiological functions when sleeping.

How Should a Dinner be When we want to Lose Weight?

First of all, to prepare proper dinners for a weight loss diet, we must combine foods rich in carbohydrates (such as rice, oats or pasta) with others such as vegetables and vegetables.

“Thus, we will get a good amount of energy together with essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals”.

On the other hand, using meats, fish or dairy at dinner will also provide us with protein. These nutrients can also be obtained from products such as legumes or tofu, which will be especially interesting if a vegetarian or vegan diet is followed. In short, the ideal dinner should integrate one half of vegetables, one quarter of protein-rich foods and another quarter rich in carbohydrates. In this way, we will get adequate amounts of all the necessary nutrients.

On the other hand, it is advisable to resort to cooking methods that require little oil. Examples of these methods are:

  • Grilled
  • Papillote
  • Baked
  • Sautéed in wok.

In addition, this type of cooked are very simple and allow us to prepare delicious dishes. On the other hand, remember that we should dine at least two hours before going to sleep.

Ideas for Fast and Light Dinners

Here are some examples of menus for fast and light dinners. Of course, you can vary them to suit your tastes

Dinner 1:

  • To start, rocket salad with tomato.
  • Next, grilled chicken breasts.
  • You can include 2 slices of wholemeal bread.
  • For dessert, skimmed yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Dinner 2:

  • To start, julienne soup with noodles.
  • Next, mackerel with vegetables to the papillote.
  • Finally, skimmed yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Dinner 3:

  • To start, green mashed zucchini with potatoes.
  • Next, turkey sandwich with cheese.
  • For dessert, yogurt skimmed with muesli.

Dinner 4:

  • First, summer lentil salad (red pepper, green pepper, spring onion, sweet corn, pickles).
  • Then, eggplant omelette.
  • Finally, skimmed yogurt and an infusion.

Dinner 5:

  • To start, white asparagus seasoned.
  • Next, roast the oven with potato and onion.
  • Finally, skimmed yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Dinner 6:

  • First, fresh spinach salad.
  • Then, spirals of pasta with tuna and prawns.
  • For dessert, fruit salad.

Dinner 7:

  • To start, potato salad, buds with grated carrots and bean sprouts.
  • For a second, turkey brochette with pineapple.
  • Finally, skimmed yogurt or a piece of fruit.

Dinner 8:

  • To start, grilled vegetables: eggplant, pepper, onion and wild asparagus.
  • Next, baked hake papillote with aromatic herbs and 1 small potato.
  • For dessert, yogurt skimmed with muesli.

Dinner 9:

  • First, Swiss chard with sautéed chickpeas.
  • Of second, stirred of mushrooms and prawns with 1 egg.
  • For dessert, fruit salad.


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