Is the Diet of Area Really Recommended and Balanced?

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Despite its many followers, the diet of the area is a very restrictive diet that does not have enough scientific bases to ensure that the state improves those who follow it. If you have already made the decision to change your eating style, you have probably come across an infinite amount of information about what diet to eat or what foods you can or cannot consume. Among the available options, the diet of the area is very controversial. As expected, it has defenders and detractors. But this food plan has become the choice of many public figures of international entertainment. 40-30-30 is the formula that has turned this nutritional concept into a topic of debate. We explain it to you in the following way: every meal you eat should be composed of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat.

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Is it Nutritionally Balanced?

When we talk about carbohydrates, proteins and fats, we refer to those macronutrients that you should consume daily. Traditionally, specialists pointed out that the balance was achieved with a specific distribution:  15 and 20% protein, 20-25% fat and 50-60% carbohydrates. However, Dr. Barry Sears refuted this idea. This American has studies in biochemistry and several investigations in lipids. He concluded that this distribution was not adequate because it generated different pathologies. That said, he proposed the

“40-30-30 is the ideal equation for the distribution of macro nutrients in the diet”.

At this point, the individual will succeed in conquering the “zone”, which is the maximum state of metabolism acceleration, where insulin is at its regular levels and in equilibrium.

Importance of Insulin

The main objective of the diet in the area is to fractionate the nutrients, since excess carbohydrates can raise the concentration of insulin in the blood. With this diagnosis, we could suffer multiple diseases. Hyperinsulinemia also refers to low glucose levels. These problems are reflected in symptoms such as:

  • Overweight
  • Fatigue
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory difficulties
  • Seizures
  • Brain damage
  • Arterial hypertension

Some Benefits of the Diet of the Area

The norm indicates that 40-30-30 is a constant that must be maintained in all meals of the day. In addition, you should not allow more than five hours between meals and it is essential that all the carbohydrates you consume are low glycemic index. That is, zero refined sugar. In this way, we will be limiting the consumption of carbohydrates and benefiting the reduction of insulin. This will generate that:

  • The body uses fat as the main source of energy.
  • Insulin can transport nutrients more efficiently into cells.
  • You feel more satiated.
  • Lose weight
  • You have more energy availability to face your routine of daily activities.

Basic Tips to Achieve Success With the Diet of the Area

There are some pillars that we must take into account if we want the diet of the area to be effective:

  • Do not stop having breakfast.
  • Do not let an hour pass after getting up for breakfast.
  • Every five hours make a meal, even when you are not hungry.
  • Eat monounsaturated fats that contain Omega 3, such as olive oil, avocados, nuts, etc.
  • Eat carbohydrates with low levels of sugar, such as grains, vegetables and fruits.
  • Do not forget the proteins in any food, because this depends on the balance of blood sugar levels.

Adverse Reactions

Every project has detractors, and the diet of the area does not escape this situation. There are many loose nails that this proposal has left. And, with them, many specialists who have been responsible for dismantling the “wonders” of Dr. Sears. The Spanish  Aitor Sánchez García, author of  My Diet Cojea , described this diet as a great fallacy , since for him his creator only seeks economic benefits.

  • The nutritionist, dietitian and food technologist also says that behind this project there is a large food industry needed to comply with the 40-30-30 formula.
  • For him, this scheme is impossible to meet under the normal parameters of healthy eating.
  • In addition, he states that this diet is hyperproteic, hypocaloric and that it does not have enough scientific bases to ensure that it improves the physical and mental state.

More Loose Nails

This diet puts the individual against the hydrates derived from flours. Perhaps the distribution of macronutrients is not preposterous, but to lose weight and achieve a better lifestyle you should not stop eating any food. It may be enough to include what we like in reasonable quantities. The latter, provided that the individual does not have a medical problem with a specific food. With the diet of the area you should have more than willingness to improve your health, since it places very demanding limits.


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