How to Prepare Grapefruit and Melon Juice to Lose Weight?

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Consumed regularly, grapefruit helps us burn fat. When combined with melon it helps us lose weight without submitting to strict diets. Losing weight when we are overweight is not an easy task and almost always requires multiple efforts to achieve the goal. To begin with, we must make the decision and be aware that it is necessary to completely modify our daily habits. One of the objectives is to acquire healthy habits that support the diet and help activate the metabolism. Food and exercise are the main keys. On the other hand, the consumption of natural juices can be a great help to boost the metabolism and achieve better results.

Why is this Juice Good for Losing Weight?

The grapefruit juice and melon is a good help to lose weight. The union of both ingredients makes this drink is able to help eliminate the waste that accumulates in the body, and allowing us to lose weight without going hungry.

Benefits of Grapefruit to Lose Weight:

The grapefruit is a citrus used for some years slimming purposes. Several studies have shown that this fruit has properties that help you lose weight more easily, especially when consumed on a regular basis. While there is still a lack of scientific evidence to know the exact reason why it has this effect on the body, the truth is that those who have tried it have achieved good results. In fact, they have had important benefits, such as the decrease in bad cholesterol. On the other hand, it has been proven that their fasting intake helps to reduce appetite, which is very favorable to avoid excessive caloric intake during the day and reduce the food portions of the main meals. Grapefruit consumption is a healthy way to lose weight, as it is a food that contains significant amounts of protein, is low in calories and has very low carbohydrate values.

“Thanks to its properties also helps prevent heart problems, fights free radicals and strengthens the immune system”.

Benefits of Melon to Lose Weight

The melon is one of the main fruits when you want to purify the body and lose weight healthily. It is a diuretic food, good for improving intestinal transit and also contains important nutrients essential for the body. 90% of the melon is water, which makes it a natural moisturizer, able to combat fluid retention and help reduce weight. In addition, it has a mild laxative effect that helps prevent constipation and improves digestion to properly eliminate waste that the body does not need. Also, it contains an important source of folates, antioxidants, beta-carotene and minerals such as potassium or magnesium, as well as vitamins of group B and C.

How to Prepare Grapefruit Juice and Melon to Lose Weight?

Both grapefruit and melon can be combined with other ingredients to enhance their slimming effects. This time we will complement each other to make a very healthy drink to lose weight without submitting to a strict eating plan.


  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)
  • 1 grapefruit (grapefruit)
  • 200 g of melon


  • Step 1: Chop the melon. It must be green, because if the melon is very ripe, it will have too much sugar.
  • Step 2: Get the grapefruit juice, take everything to the blender and add a glass of water.
  • Step 3: Beat everything.
  • Step 4: Serve chilled.

It is important to be careful with grapefruit, either in juice or fruit, when we are taking medication, as you interfere by increasing or decreasing the effect of many medications. It is advisable to consult a doctor.

The ideal is to drink this juice every day on an empty stomach, and a glass before each main meal. Grapefruit and melon juice helps activate the metabolism and gives you a feeling of fullness to prevent excessive intake of calories.

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