How the Super Food Spirulina will Help you to Lose Weight?

Surely you have heard about the properties of spirulina to lose weight, but this microscopic alga native to the lakes of Africa and southern America is so beneficial that it has been called “the miraculous algae”.   It is a powerful source of proteins, vitamins and antioxidants, and among its many virtues is considered a remedy to lose weight.

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Let’s Know Spirulina

There are more than 1500 varieties of spirulina, since this microorganism has a great ability to adapt; it can even live in habitats where other species would not survive, such as very salty, alkaline or volcanic lakes.  Currently it is produced in artificial lakes or special containers for use in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The world’s largest production of spirulina comes from Lake Texcoco, Mexico, considered within the Hemispheric Network of Shorebird Reserves. It is composed of proteins (up to 70% of its weight), 5% of fiber in the form of mucilages , 10% of proteins mainly of group B, 20% of carbohydrates and 4% of fats in the form of fatty acids such as omega 6. It also has vitamins D, C and K. It has beta-carotene, minerals such as iron and iodine.

It was traditionally used by Chinese medicine to increase sexual desire and prevent hair loss, and also to protect against heart disease, nervous system and cancer. Considered a super-food because of its protein content, it helps maintain eye health and cholesterol reduction. It is widely used by athletes and in vegetarian diets. Due to its high content of melatonin, it is included in the treatment of stress and sleep difficulties.

Why is Spirulina Used to Lose Weight?

In Japan and the United States, spirulina is considered the best remedy to lose weightThis is due to its richness in fibers, as it increases the feeling of fullness. As we explained in a previous article, soluble fiber becomes a gelatinous mass that increases the volume of stomach contents and promotes intestinal transit.

“Its carbohydrate content helps to maintain constant blood glucose levels after eating, reducing the feeling of hunger”.

Spirulina supplements reduce the nutritional deficits of very strict or very low calorie diets and prevents their consequences, such as lack of strength, lack of mood, fatigue and decay. Other elements that make it possible to choose spirulina to lose weight are its high content of iodine that would help activate the metabolism and thus allow the body to burn fats faster, and this together with its properties as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory make it a great ally to the time to lose weight.

How to Incorporate Slimming Spirulina into the Diet

Spirulina for weight loss should be incorporated into the diet in the form of a supplement or food supplement.   The presentations vary from tablets, powders or tinctures to tablets or liquid. The most advisable thing is to consult with the doctor which is the suitable presentation to your necessities and life style, since for example the tablets are of a quite big size and it can cost to swallow them. A daily dose of 3 to 5 grams of spirulina per day is recommended; It is interesting to know that the World Health Organization recommended including 1 gram of spirulina per day in the diet of children. The way to incorporate it into the diet, due to its slightly strong smell and taste, is to combine it with fruit juices, vegetable juices or milk. It can also be used as a condiment, or mixed with purees or sauces. Another way to consume it according to the different presentations is added to the salads or combined with cheese or yogurt.  The only condition is to avoid subjecting it to too much heat since high temperatures neutralize the effects of its components.

Do not know how to add spirulina to lose weight to your diet? Here we offer you three great ideas:

  • Shake vegetables with spirulina (2 or 3 servings): a tablespoon of spirulina powder, two fruits (apple, pear, banana), a large handful of raw spinach, a handful of crushed nuts (hazelnuts, almonds), a handful of dried fruits (figs, dates, dried apricots, etc ..), a glass of orange juice, a natural sweetener (honey, stevia, syrup) and a tablespoon of sesame oil. Place all these ingredients in the blender or process them until you get a homogeneous shake. Adjust the ingredients until you get the drink to your palate.
  • Onion soup with spirulina (2 servings): onion is a powerful source of protective nutrients for the cardiovascular system. You will need a medium onion, an egg white, olive oil, two cups of vegetable stock (you can prepare it by dissolving a bucket or broth ready to use), garlic and seasonings like salt, cumin and cayenne pepper. Sauté the onion in olive oil, season, and when it is to your liking (transparent or golden) add the two cups of broth and let boil fifteen minutes. Add the egg white, stir well and before serving add two teaspoons of powdered spirulina and fried bread cubes.
  • Tortilla without egg with spirulina: prepare an omelet of the vegetable that you like the most (potatoes, zucchini, chard, spinach) substituting the egg for a combination of equal parts of cornmeal and chickpea flour beaten with water until you get a texture mixture similar to the egg. Once out of the fire, add two teaspoons of spirulina powder.


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